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Superior Boiler Works
IDEKO announces proudly the new tie-up with Superior Boiler Works (Hutchinson KS, USA). Our offices also host the operations of SBW Middle-East and Africa Regional Office, coordinating sales and service with the Superior distributors in the region.

Our Downloads

Following is a number of useful resources, documents and information related to IDEKO’s activities. They include Service Bulletins, Application Notes, Reference Lists, etc… 

Steam Boiler Feed Water Standard [Download]
This Bulletin describes the Feedwater Quality requirements for a York-Shipley Steam Boiler.

Steam Network Schematics [Download]
This file contains typical drawings for steam network assemblies. Contents include : Various Connections to Equipment, Trapping Stations, Pressure Reducing Stations, Steam Header Details, Flow Meter Installation, etc...

Fireye NEXUS Control Features [Download]
Overview of the main features of the Fireye NEXUS Parallel-Positioning Burner Control System.

York-Shipley Global Boilers Features [Download]
Quick Overview of the salient features of York-Shipley Boilers.

Boiler Room Enquiry Form [Download]
Fill in and email this form to, to request pricing on Boiler Room Equipment.