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Superior Boiler Works
IDEKO announces proudly the new tie-up with Superior Boiler Works (Hutchinson KS, USA). Our offices also host the operations of SBW Middle-East and Africa Regional Office, coordinating sales and service with the Superior distributors in the region.

STEAMWISE is a regular publication by IDEKO sarl. Since January 1998, we issue, on a fairly regular basis, this four-page leaflet including commercial and technical articles about our products, the projects that we have undertaken, and the services we offer.


Soft copies of all the issues of STEAMWISE can be downloaded using the links below: 


SteamWise Issue 9 [Download]
Issue #9,February 2008

SteamWise Issue 8 [Download]
Issue #8,January 2006

SteamWise Issue 7 [Download]
Issue #7, July 2004

SteamWise Issue 6 [Download]
Issue #6, December 2002

SteamWise Issue 5 [Download]
Issue #5, January 2001

SteamWise Issue 4 [Download]
Issue #4, August 1999

SteamWise Issue 3 [Download]
Issue #3, February 1999

SteamWise Issue 2 [Download]
Issue #2, July 1998

SteamWise Issue 1 [Download]
Issue #1, January 1998