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Superior Boiler Works
IDEKO announces proudly the new tie-up with Superior Boiler Works (Hutchinson KS, USA). Our offices also host the operations of SBW Middle-East and Africa Regional Office, coordinating sales and service with the Superior distributors in the region.

46 Dimitri Hayek Street, Sin El Fil, 2707-7215
Metn-North - Lebanon

Phone: +961 - 1 - 481130

Fax: +961 - 1 - 481652


General Manager:
Eid E. Eid |
Parts Division:
Hala Eid Abouchar |
Service Division:
Elie M. Bassil |
Controls Division:
Georges M. Abdelnour |
Sales and Projects Division:
Loubane G. Zouein |