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Superior Boiler Works
IDEKO announces proudly the new tie-up with Superior Boiler Works (Hutchinson KS, USA). Our offices also host the operations of SBW Middle-East and Africa Regional Office, coordinating sales and service with the Superior distributors in the region.

Steam System Installation is our Business! To complete its scope of supply, IDEKO offers the services of its contracting team to undertake steam system installation. IDEKO have combined knowledge and experience in this specialized field to be able to design, install and commission complete steam networks, from the boiler room to steam using equipment. A condensate return network completes the steam system and insures an efficient design. All our installations are as per the state-of-the-art requirement to insure correct operation of all equipment with minimal initial cost and energy consumption. IDEKO also designs and installs steam energy saving solutions including flash steam recovery and blowdown heat recovery. IDEKO handles existing systems already in operation. In this respect, IDEKO offers Steam Network Assessment services with Steam Trap Inspection using TLV’s PT1 TRAPMAN to make sure that systems are operating with highest possible efficiency and to detect any losses in the system.
Steam Systems References in Lebanon include:
- Middle-East Institute of Health (Bsalim). - Hopital Libanais (Geitawi). - Grand Hills Hotel (Broummana). - Gefinor Rotana Hotel (Hamra). - Bach Snacks (Bchamoun). - Sagesse Hospitality Institute (Achrafieh). - SRH Private Residence (Downtown Beirut) – Boiler Room. - Pepsi Cola – S.M.L.C. s.a.l. (Shoueifat). - Bellevue Medical Center (Mansourieh). - Raoucheh Arjaan by Rotana.