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Superior Boiler Works
IDEKO announces proudly the new tie-up with Superior Boiler Works (Hutchinson KS, USA). Our offices also host the operations of SBW Middle-East and Africa Regional Office, coordinating sales and service with the Superior distributors in the region.

Our services

Our professional and dedicated service department offers a wide range of services adapted to the needs of our customers. Intended initially to be a back-up to the products we supply, the service department has evolved to being an autonomous business entity at IDEKO. 

Boiler Maintenance Services
A wide range of Boiler Maintenance formulas can be proposed to our customers. This can range from a simple "per-call" agreement, to a 24/7 Full coverage Program. Our most popular service programs include monthly inspection visits, with Response to Emergencies coverage. This service can be offered both locally in Lebanon, and in neighboring countries, and targets both Steam and Hot Water Boiler Equipment.

Firetube Boiler Overhaul Services We offer complete firetube boilers overhaul services. Usually undertaken on a yearly basis, the complete overhaul of a firetube boiler includes punching and brushing of the Boiler Fireside, as well as flushing of Boiler Waterside. Keeping a boiler free of soot and deposits will maintain overall efficiency, and will result in significant fuel savings.

Firetube Boilers Repair ServicesOur factory-trained technicians will undertake retubing and repair of firetube boilers with state-of-the-art tools and techniques, and guaranteed results. We can also offer boiler refractory repair and replacement.

Steam Network Assessment ServiceTargeting present owners of steam systems, IDEKO offers the Steam Network Assessment Service. This consists in a thorough inspection of an existing steam system and the production of a report including recommendations focused on safety, functionality, and Energy Saving. This includes the steam generation system (Boiler and Boiler Room) as well as the steam distribution network, and the condensate management system.

Boiler Room Startup and Commissionning ServicesOur team is fully trained to undertake startup and commissioning of steam and hot water boiler/burner packages, firing various kinds of fuel. A systematic, and extensive approach is adopted, leading to a safe, smooth and trouble free operation of equipment.